About The Phantasy Community Foundation

Our Mission

To strengthen Greater Cleveland’s LGBTQ+ community through initiatives in entrepreneurship, arts and entertainment, housing, workforce development, sports and culture, aiming for inclusivity and positive social change.

Our Vision

To cultivate a dynamic and self-sustaining LGBTQ+ neighborhood in Greater Cleveland, where diversity is celebrated, economic empowerment is accessible, and positive social change is ignited through inclusive spaces and opportunities.

Our Core Initiatives

The Phantasy Community Foundation supports skilling up our community through workforce development and training, creation of welcoming and affirming housing, increased visibility and opportunities in the arts, and community building.

workforce development Workforce Development

Our goal is to help boost the economic power of LGBTQ+ individuals through workforce development, creating jobs, imparting essential skills, and addressing job discrimination against our community.1

housing opportunities Housing Opportunities

We support the creation of affirming and welcoming housing opportunities as the basis to begin building community, especially for the older members2 of the LGBTQ+ community who face an epidemic of loneliness.

culture and the arts Culture & The Arts

Supporting LGBTQ+ performance art and self-expression through physical art, drag shows, theater, and live music fosters vibrant cultural representation and empowerment. Visual arts and entertainment are another powerful way our community can be seen.

community building Community Building

It’s crucial for LGBTQ+ individuals to feel accepted and be able to live authentically. Inclusive spaces offer community, belonging, and role models for all members of the community from youth3 to seniors — supporting our community’s journey to self-love, acceptance, and fulfillment.

Read Our Impact

Flags at Fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse at Studio West 117 serves as the important first step in our mission to address the needs of the LGBTQ+ through place-based community development. It offers not only a welcoming gathering space for all but also opportunities for workforce development, health and wellness initiatives, outlets for creative expression in the arts, and community building. Since its inception, this multifaceted, identity-affirming space ignites hope, inspiration, and empowerment within our community, while fostering inclusive growth.

We envision a self-sustaining LGBTQ+ ecosystem, nurturing small businesses and empowering entrepreneurs through the provision of affirming spaces and the connection to business support systems. Through workforce development, we strive to create more jobs and impart essential skills, enhancing the economic power of LGBTQ+ individuals. By concentrating our efforts in a single neighborhood, we can focus on place-based approaches to easing financial barriers affecting our community and provide the services needed for them to thrive.

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1. More than one in four transgender people have lost a job due to bias, and more than three-fourths have experienced some form of workplace discrimination. (Source: National Center for Transgender Equality, transequality.org)

2. LGBT older adults are twice as likely to live alone as non-LGBT adults and often face social isolation and vulnerability. (Source: Movement Advancement Project, lgbtmap.org)

3. LGBTQ youth who live in a community that is accepting of LGBTQ people reported significantly lower rates of attempting suicide than those who do not. Nearly 2 in 5 LGBTQ youth reported living in a community that is somewhat or very unaccepting of LGBTQ people. (Source: Trevor Project, thetrevorproject.org, 2022)