Strengthening Our Community

Social Impact

Taste of Lakewood Festival at the Fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse at Studio West 117, born from our vision, serves as the important first step in our mission to address place-based needs in LGBTQ+ community development. It offers not only a welcoming gathering space but also
workforce development, health and wellness initiatives, access to social services, and outlets for creative expression. Since its inception, this multifaceted, identity-affirming space ignites hope, inspiration, and empowerment within our community, while fostering inclusive growth.

The Need to Support the LGBTQ+ Community Is Greater Than Ever

Our organization was established with the purpose of nurturing a resilient LGBTQ+ community. We envision a neighborhood where individuals can freely express their authentic identities in spaces and businesses that affirm their sense of self. It is a place where we can collectively celebrate our shared love for our community.

The urgency of this mission has only intensified in the current political landscape. LGBTQ+ individuals, especially those who are Trans, are enduring heightened levels of discrimination and facing legislative threats that erode their
rights to live openly and authentically. In light of these circumstances, we firmly believe that our organization has a vital role to play in creating judgment-free spaces that strengthen resilience and mutual support within our community.

Economic Impact

Fieldhouse at Studio West 117

We envision a self-sustaining LGBTQ+ ecosystem, nurturing small businesses and empowering entrepreneurs with flexible lease options and community building to bolster the local economy. Through workforce development, we strive to create more jobs and impart essential skills, enhancing the economic power of LGBTQ+ individuals. By concentrating our efforts in a single neighborhood, we can focus place-based approaches to easing financial barriers affecting our community and better structure the services needed for them to thrive.

Cleveland Is Poised to Emerge as an LGBTQ+ Destination for Both Tourists and Locals

As part of our mission’s individual impact, we aim to showcase Cleveland’s offerings and reshape perceptions of living, working, and traveling here. Our organization is closely aligned with the city’s economic development goals. We seek to highlight the LGBTQ+ community’s transformative potential in making Cleveland an appealing destination for people of all backgrounds.

Additionally, the Fieldhouse at Studio West 117 will serve as a focal point for the LGBTQ+ community, offering a welcoming space for visitors and locals alike. This sends a clear message to the world that Cleveland is a top-tier, diverse, and progressive destination. Our vision holds the promise of positioning Cleveland as a premier LGBTQ+ destination, drawing tourists worldwide and fortifying the city’s tourism sector.

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